Our Holiday Gift Guide

Around this time every year, comes the moment to treat your loved ones for the holidays. Finding the ideal gift for family members and friends comes as a challenge. Thinking about what to present to the more casual, fancy, eccentric, or laid-back people in your life is time consuming.

Discover our selection of ideal gifts for different kinds of women, the multifaceted, on the go and loving.

We’ve curated a selection of the best holiday gifts, a guide to facilitate and inspire you throughout the gifting process. These presents are hidden gems, the receivers won’t be able to wait to unwrap!64Facets Diamond Drop Pendant

A gift for the minimalist woman:

She’s a chic and modern woman, a hint of diamond sparkle is all she needs to complete her look. The Diamond Drop Pendant is the ideal gift for the woman who creates elegance with simple things. This delicate and affordable necklace is a versatile piece and is the perfect accompaniment for occasions both day and night. Make this elegant jewel her essential wardrobe staple.  64facets diamond bracelets

For a special someone:

Have you found your special someone but are not ready to purchase that engagement ring just yet?

The Scallop Diamond Ring is the perfect promise ring for this holiday season. Catching the crisp winter light, this brilliant piece is beautifully romantic and feminine.

Embodying elegance and versatility, this glistening diamond jewel is the perfect gift to make a statement and start planning your future together. 64Facets Scallop Diamond Necklace

For the bolder woman:

We all have that family member who loves to be at the center of attention. Glowing, poised and confident this woman empowers others, and this holiday season all she needs to complete her festive sparkle is the Scallop Diamond Necklace. Embodying romanticism this piece creates a decorative canvas effect around her neck. Gently shimmering, this stunning necklace is bright and bold just like her…64Facets cufflinks

For the special man in your life:

For your brother, lover or father, cufflinks remain an essential wardrobe staple in a mans closet. Bespoke, elegant, and classic this piece will make him think of you when he’s in a business meeting or attending a black-tie event. Comfortable and easy to wear, these Gemstone Cufflinks embody luxury and are ideal for a dandy man with class.64facets diamond earrings

A versatile piece for your mum:

A quintessential piece for a timeless woman, we recommend the Floral Diamond Stud Earrings. These are versatile earrings ideal for a woman who has many facets. They delicately shimmer like the woman that brightens your life.

Indulge in the delicate beauty of the floral blossom.64Facets Linear Diamond Huggies.

A gift for the classic femme:

If she owns a velvet padded headband, has a set of scented candles and is a member at one of the most exclusive clubs in the city, she’s a classic femme. A trendsetter who is up to date on current affairs, she’s always effortlessly simple and chic. The ideal gift for this classic femme is the Linear Diamond Huggies. Versatile earrings that are distinctive and beautiful just like her. Designed for the contemporary woman, these earrings are fitting to run errands during the day or perfect for a formal event at night.

We hope that this gift guide inspires you to purchase the most fitting gift for your loved one.

Enjoy a time of joy and love with your family and friends, celebrate with 64Facets

Happy Holidays!