Hand-cut, hand-made, and skilfully designed, our Bespoke Creations epitomise artistry, elegance and beauty. From a personalised necklace to a unique engagement ring, we hand-cut each diamond or gemstone based on its optimal facet arrangement, inspiring our team to create unique pieces that highlight the raw beauty of the stone.

Every step of this process is meaningful, from the selection of each individually-sourced rough diamond to its final design. To us, it’s a beautiful process – no corners can be cut, no step rushed. Through this journey, our artists reveal themselves to create your unique vision.

Design your own piece
A Creative Journey

Bespoke fine jewelry is a collaboration between artist and inspiration. Discover how we can bring your idea to life while accentuating the many facets of your personality.


Design your own Ring
Engagement Rings

We know that love is in the details. Capture the intricate beauty of your relationship with a personalised diamond or gemstone engagement ring.


Learn about our Craft
Creation Process

At 64Facets we specialize in high quality and ethically sourced diamond and gemstone jewelry. Discover each step of our creation process, from sourcing the rough diamonds, designing, creating and finally styling our fine jewelry pieces.


64facets bespoke diamond and rose gold engagement ring and weddings bands