Cutting and Faceting


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At 64Facets, we work with incredibly talented craftsmen who have spent years mastering the skills required to cut and facet diamonds. Uncover the fascinating process of how a diamond goes from its original rough shape to a striking finished piece of 64Facets fine jewelry.


Loose Diamonds


Once our rough diamonds are carefully selected and sent to our atelier, the first step is to assess not only the quality of the rough diamond but also decide on the most optimal shape and facet arrangement to showcase the gemstone in the most beautiful manner.

The first thing we do is examine the diamond and decide what the initial shape will be.  Then we mark the diamond with a thin marker and put it in a machine that makes a 3D scan of the diamonds. The machine then laser cuts the diamonds into an initial shape such as round, oval, or cushion, based on the markings. 


Cutting Diamonds


Once the diamonds have gone through this initial cutting process, we then examine the diamond and make decisions on how we will facet the gemstone. Our diamantaires can choose to maximize for beauty, weight, clarity, or color depending on the stone as well as the jewelry they are making.

The faceting process requires a large machine with a metal and stone turntable. The top of the turntable is layered with diamond dust which is the only material that is strong enough to cut a diamond.


64Facets Faceting Diamonds


The diamond is then placed into a specialized claw-like tool that holds it carefully in place as it is moved by hand onto the turning disk. Each facet is created by the craftsmen gently pressing the rough diamond against the machine.



This process of cutting diamonds can take several days to complete, especially for rose-cut diamonds where facet arrangements are different for each one. It is a very intricate and hand-made process that is performed by our highly skilled craftsmen who work hard to ensure the highest quality for every single diamond.


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