64Facets with Suzie Turner

64Facets with Suzie Turner


As the world has been restless, yearning for a sense of normalcy, this season brings a second wave of the pandemic. Everyone is asked to avoid large gatherings, stay at home, and all in all, practice safety. You may feel as though time has simply stopped before you can experience the luxury you once had; however, while COVID-19 is in motion, there is no reason not to enjoy couture for small gatherings at home. 

Our friend and muse Suzie Turner has the best designs to combat the fatigue and stress during these unprecedented times, leaving you feeling empowered and rejuvenated. Her couture creates uniquely designed gowns that are “a reflection of personal style, silhouette, and personality”. The brand is timeless, with craftsmanship that uses “the finest fabrics, intricate embroidery, and lavish embellishment”. Not only that, but as Suzie Turner’s gowns bring confidence and showcase the individuality of a woman, what better addition to these gowns than to add fine jewelry that strongly encourages women to be bold and discover their facets? 

Let 64Facets share ideas on how to pair our diamonds with Suzie Turner Couture.


Diamond Chain Necklace and Suzie Turner Couture

Consider one of Suzie Turner’s floral dresses --the combination of our diamonds with her designs is brilliant and refreshing. As the weather becomes chillier, floral dresses add a touch of Spring and joyfulness to this season. Pair this look with our Diamond Chain Necklace for a sense of femininity and radiance.


Linear Diamond Bracelet and Suzie Turner Couture

For an ethereal look, Suzie Turner’s silk slip dress is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Its fabric is delicate and soft to the touch and the style is versatile. Whether you are having a virtual dinner party, lounging in the comfort of your sofa, or simply relaxing during a self-care activity, complement this style with our rose gold Linear Diamond Bracelet and a Tennis Necklace. A beautiful set for every special occasion no matter how big or small.


Floral Diamond Necklace and Suzie Turner Couture

In this unique holiday season, enjoy your at-home winter celebrations by dressing up. Consider Suzie Turner’s emerald green feather dress and our subtle, yet breathtaking set, the Floral Diamond Necklace and Diamond Bangle. The combination of the daring hues and handmade feathered details of the gown and our rose-cut diamond jewelry is almost fairy-tail like. As we reflect on this past year, we recognize how precious time is, and this is the perfect opportunity to be bold and express yourself. 


Diamond Drop Earrings, Linear Diamond Bangle, Diamond Necklace and Suzie Turner Couture

Reveal your more passionate side by pairing Suzie Turner’s red corset ball gown with more subtle rose cut diamonds. Our Linear Diamond Bangle, Diamond Drop Earrings, and Diamond Necklace are the ideal match to help express your confidence this holiday season.


Your style belongs to you. Have fun with your wardrobe and jewelry collection to reveal your own unique facets. 


Follow Suzie's social media channels to stay up to date on everything couture: @suzieturner and @suzieturnercouture.  

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