2022 spring jewelry trends

As Fashion Week across the globe is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to brush up on the most recent jewelry trends to match your stylish ensembles.


Collar necklaces came back straight from the 90’s! The delicacy of these 12-16 inch fine jewelry pieces, that sit just above the collarbone, are modern yet timeless. From chokers to tennis necklaces, celebrities of all kinds have been spotted adorning these jewelry staples. 
This jewelry style’s history goes back to 2500 BC and even though it has been out of sight for a while, these iconic pieces have had a revival. 
The South Korean singer Jennie, was spotted at Paris Fashion Week 2022 wearing a Chanel gold chain collar necklace perfectly matched with a black outfit. While Rihanna, was seen during the same event adorning a bijoux diamond necklace by Dior. 
Jennie and Rihanna at Paris Fashion Week 2022 wearing a Chanel and Dior choker

64Facets’ Favourites

Our prediction? Collar necklaces are a must-have accessory this Spring, and we are here to help you find the perfect piece.
64Facets Fine Diamond Jewelry Floral Diamond Necklace in 18K white gold
A timeless statement piece, the Floral Diamond Choker elegantly embodies nature.
64Facets Fine Diamond Jewelry Scallop Diamond Necklace in 18K white gold
 Evoke romanticism with the Scallop Diamond Necklace
64Facets Fine Diamond Jewelry Ethereal Rose-cut Diamond Chain
Style our Ethereal Rose Cut Diamond Chain as a choker to create a modern look.  


Statement earrings never go out of style, and this Spring is certainly no exception. 
From Adele to Chiara Ferragni, every celebrity seems to be loving maximalist earrings. In fact, the famous singer wore gold, pearl-covered and diamond saturn earrings during her concert in November. On the other hand, the digital entrepreneur caught the eyes of paparazzi during Paris Fashion Week 2022, while wearing gold earrings resembling an ear. 
These fine jewelry staples instantly add a touch of elegance to any occasion. 
Chiara Ferragni and Adele wearing ear and planet maximalist earrings


Whether you decide to go for long dangly earrings or large studs, bigger is better when it comes to a red carpet. 

64Facets Diamonds Chandelier Earrings with rose-cut diamonds

Reveal yourself with the Diamond Chandelier Earrings composed of fifteen delicate pear-shaped rose-cut diamonds. 
Charlotte McKinney wearing 64Facets Eclat Diamond Spiked Studs in 18K white gold
Match the Eclat Diamond Spiked Studs to your fashionable looks. These pieces are an explosion of light that will make you sparkle all night long. Take inspiration from Charlotte McKinney who matched these precious earrings with a one shoulder black dress.
Maia Cotton wearing 64Facets’ Scallop Diamond Hoops in 18K white gold at Victoria’s Secret Show
White diamonds are 64Facets’ signature and the Scallop Diamond Hoops Earrings are no exception. Show-off this modern reinvention of the hoop earring, as Maia Cotton did during her Victoria’s Secret show. 


One of this season’s must have accessories: the Y necklace (or lariat necklace). Slightly more low-key yet also easy to dress up, these signature chains have been spotted on celebrities across the world.
Lady Gaga was seen wearing a yellow diamond y-necklace during the 2019 Oscars. Interestingly, this piece had been previously worn by Audrey Hepburn during the promotion of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Similarly, Sienna Miller, picked a diamond tassel lariat that she paired with a silk dress for the 75th British Academy Film Awards on March 13th. 
Lady Gaga and Sienna Miller wearing a Tiffany's yellow diamond lariat necklace and a Messika Diamond Lariat Necklace


At 64Facets, lariats are our specialty and we have many to choose from. Our diamond and gemstone chains are the most versatile pieces in our collections, and can easily be styled into a lariat using our signature diamond jump ring.
64Facets Ethereal Diamond Chain Necklace in rose-cut diamonds paired with a diamond tassel
The Ethereal Diamond Chain Necklace elegantly compliments anything you wear. Featured here are two rose-cut diamond chains with our signature diamond tassel flowing down an open back.  
64Facets Elements Diamond and Gemstone Chain Necklace
Let the Elements Diamond and Gemstone Chain Necklace delicately float across the skin. Style the chain as a lariat with a simple open shirt.
64Facets Elements Bead Necklace with emeralds
Delicate and light, the Elements Bead Necklace is the perfect way to add a hint of color to your wardrobe.  
Discover our curated red carpet selection of fine jewelry to create your own bespoke look. Should you need any advice in picking your favorite 64Facets 2022 trend, we are always at your disposal. Simply write us an email to concierge@64facets.com and we will be delighted to help you pick your favorite piece.