Custom Rings

Every bride is unique, which is why all 64Facets engagement rings are custom made to fit our client’s distinctive personality and taste. We recognize that a relationship is about the details; the small subtleties that go unnoticed by the rest of the world yet underpin an authentic romance. Every engagement band is thus designed and created with precise care for each element of the piece - no matter how big or small.

It all starts with a conversation, either face-to-face or through a phone call, to better understand what you wish your ring to reflect and represent. Principally, this is where we begin to establish the style you are looking for. It’s worth asking yourself - what is important to you? Is it color and clarity? Or maybe cut? Our simple guide to assessing the quality of a diamond is a good starting point.  

Then, taking into consideration your budget and stylistic requirements, our expert team will put together an initial handpicked selection of loose diamonds for your personal examination. No two diamonds in the world are the same, so finding the perfect fit for your wedding ring is essential. You should never have to settle, and so we offer additional follow-up consultations until the ideal diamond has been found.

The next step is design. Whether you have specific aesthetic requirements or are open to exploring our designers’ artistic vision, we harness all creativity and inspiration. Hand-sketched intricate proposals are produced to establish the best setting for your selected diamond. The test of an exceptional design is how it exhibits and complements your stone in the best light.


Hand-sketched designs for previous bespoke 64Facet engagement pieces. 


After the design is reviewed and perfected, we create a digital render of your unique ring – this is known as a computer-aided design (CAD). This piece of technology enables you to visualize your piece in 3D; you can inspect every angle and understand exactly how it will appear in reality. If you’re still not quite satisfied, we will continue to edit and adjust the digital render.



When it comes to our jewelry pieces, we are proud perfectionists. Once and only once we have reached your standards for your perfect engagement ring, will we begin to move forward and bring your one-of-a-kind design to life.

Nobody puts our approach into words better than the 64Facets founder and CEO himself - Gourav Soni;

“The same way every relationship is unique, so is every diamond. What works for one couple may not be ideal for another - which is why by working together with our clients we can make sure their engagement ring is customized to their preferences”.

Our dedication to collaboration, creativity, and excellence is what enables us to understand what makes each and every relationship extraordinary. It’s from this inspiration that we can help you to choose the ideal diamond, design, and setting to mark your special occasion.  

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Sapphire and diamond engagement ringDiamond engagement ring by 64facets

To view our one of a kind pieces, please download our lookbook here. If you prefer to select a ready-made piece, please browse our selection of collection rings - all of these pieces can be customized to your requirements.