A Personalized Experience

Delicate designs, the glow of the rose-cut diamond, artistic craftsmanship: the beautiful details of 64Facets jewelry.

Our website is the perfect way to discover our collections, but experiencing all the unique facets of our pieces in person will allow you to fully appreciate every detail, glow and reflection of our jewelry upon your skin.

Which is why we offer complimentary private viewings, both virtually, as well as in person in Los Angeles, Switzerland and London. 

After discussing your needs with one of our experts and scheduling an appointment, our team will curate a personalized selection of our jewelry for you to try on.

Join us at your appointment to witness the diamonds glow against your skin; wrap our delicate chains around your neck or wrists, examine our delicate earrings and how they light up your complexion, feel our exceptional rings on your fingers.

Experience the subtle luxury of 64Facets jewelry in person.

Whether it is to discover our collections, discuss creating your own unique bespoke piece of fine jewelry, or simply to say hello, our team of experts are available to answer all your questions.

Contact us to begin your 64Facets Journey