Rubies: Their Significance

Rubies: Their Significance

The ruby’s intense red color is one of the gem’s most striking characteristics. |  Photo Courtesy of the Gemological Institute of America


The epitome of powerful feelings, the ruby is the perfect addition to the modern woman’s fine jewelry collection. Traditionally, the ruby was associated with the Sun, symbolic of its great power.


Elements Ruby Bangle

The Elements Ruby Bangle inspires passion and strength, flawlessly pairing rose-cut diamonds and rubies.


The ruby’s powerful energy brings about positive physical and emotional benefits, energizing the body as well as improving motivation. The stone of love, its vibrant red color inspires intense emotions. 

The ruby ultimately symbolizes a zest for life. The gem’s vitality and energy reflects feelings of enthusiasm. The woman who wears the ruby is passionate and embraces every facet of her life. The ruby empowers her to reveal her individuality and every part of her true self. She lives life to the fullest, courageously and passionately.

Elements Collection with Ruby
Evoke a passion for life with our ruby mini hoops or bead necklace from the Elements Collection.

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