Push Presents: Their Significance

A push present is gift given to a new mother as a symbol of love and appreciation by their significant other. It symbolises the acknowledgement of the physical and mental toll a pregnancy takes over a woman’s body and acts as a thoughtful way to celebrate the momentous occasion of birth. In other cultures and languages push presents are often also called “birth gifts”.

Push presents are already very popular in the United States and Europe and their popularity continues to grow all around the world. They have also made their way into pop-culture with celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Kate Middleton and Kylie Jenner receiving lavish push presents from their husbands after giving birth.

Fine diamond jewelry is a staple when it comes to push presents. Thoughtful luxurious gifts are a great way of showing appreciation for all young mothers. 64Facets is committed to crafting fine jewelry which meets the needs of the modern woman. Here are the Top 5 picks from our collection which are bound to make her feel loved and celebrated:


1) Diamond Drop Pendant


The mesmerising  Diamond Drop Pendant  from our Scallop Collection      (starting at $750)

Intimate and personal, the diamond drop pendant is the perfect piece of jewelry to celebrate life’s milestones such as childbirth. It looks stunning on its own but it can also be stacked over time, which makes it a great gift that you can add to as you have more children. Starting at $750 ($1000 with chain), the accessible diamond drop  pendant comes in three 18K gold colours. This elegant piece with a 0.10 carat rose cut centre is a great push present option.


2) Diamond Stud Earrings


Diamond Stud Earrings from our Scallop Collection ( $3,800)


It is impossible to go wrong with these timeless diamond stud earrings. They are perfect for both everyday wear as well as a girls night out.  Priced at $3,800, their versatility and simplistic elegance makes them a great birth gift.


3)  Seven Diamond Flower Ring


The Seven Flower Diamond Ring from our Floral Collection ($4,800)

Celebrate the miracle of birth with this beautiful nature inspired diamond ring. The awe-inspiring flower ring is available in three 18K gold colours. The stunning rose cut diamonds set in a flower arrangement makes for an unique push present, and will make its recipient feel like the centre of attention in any room.

4) Oval Shaped Scallop Diamond Bangle


The Oval Shaped Scallop Diamond Bangle from our Scallop Collection           ($14,000)


New mothers don’t have the time to be worried about the safety of their jewelry. Which is why the Scallop Diamond Bangle with its secure double click lock system, makes it to our list of ideal push presents. The bangle is also available in a round shape and comes in three 18K gold tones to choose from.


5) Linear Diamond Ring


The beautiful Linear Diamond Ring from our Linear Collection ( $7,500)


Last but definitely not the least, our intricately crafted linear diamond ring makes for a luxurious push present. The micro-pave setting accentuates the central rose cut diamonds. It’s sleek eternity-ring style elegance goes with any outfit. Priced at $7,500, the ring is available in three 18K gold tones.


For a more personalised experience, check out our ring customisation service. Feeling inspired by our selection of push presents? Don’t forget to tag  @64facets on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to be featured on the page.

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