Emeralds: Their Significance

Emeralds: Their Significance
The emerald is associated with Spring and rebirth, its green color symbolic of its natural connections. | Photo Courtesy of Gemological Institute of America
Revitalize your jewelry collection with a striking emerald piece. The vivid green gem is one that has many powers. It was thought in ancient times to bestow the ability to see into the future and traditionally was associated with good fortune.
Elements Emerald Bead Necklace
 Inspired by rich forest greens and the natural world around us,  the Elements Bead Necklace features vivid emeralds strikingly paired with diamond stations. 

Symbolic of rebirth, the emerald evokes a powerful energy in times of growth. Known for its healing and calming properties, the stone promotes harmony and balance within yourself and with others. 

Loose rose-cut gemstones
Every gemstone is hand-cut using our signature rose-cut.

Be inspired by the world around you with the emerald’s earthly connections. The woman who wears an emerald embraces periods of growth. She is empowered to feel a sense of harmony with her true self.

Emerald Elements Collection
Revitalize your connection with others and the world around you with the emerald pieces in our Elements Collection.

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