She's Brave and a Boss: Lisa Winning

She's Brave and a Boss: Lisa Winning


"Find three things you are grateful for in the morning, this will create a positive mindset to start your day."


Lisa Winning was born in Sydney and raised with a tremendous work ethic. Lisa does it all: she is a digital technologist, entrepreneur and Silicon Valley startup CEO. Ultimately, she embodies what is meant by a boss. Lisa is a multifaceted woman recognized worldwide for her creative mind and as a featured speaker at the United Nations, Princeton, and Techweek. Currently living in London, Lisa spends her time in between business meetings, flights across the world and dinner parties whilst always looking chic with a touch of modern elegance. 


What does a day in your life look like

I am a big fan of meditating in the morning before leaving the house, or starting any emails. Finding three things to be grateful for is also, cheesy as it may sound, such a powerful way to start the day and create your mindset.

I then hop on a call with a business partner from Sydney and write down a list of goals to achieve for the day. My favourite part of being an entrepreneur is the people you get to meet, and create with. So meetings with new and old connections are something I absolutely love. Relationships and partnerships are the most important part of business and I am lucky to have a network of incredible people from living in London, New York, Silicon Valley and Sydney.

I leave my home in West London and take most meetings at the Conduit Club, which is an amazing space with a great community in Mayfair. I am getting back into yoga after nearly a year of slacking off, so I try and squeeze in a class of either that or Barry’s Bootcamp (mostly for the CocoLoco shake).

In the evenings, I am still pretty excited to go out as much as possible, especially dinner parties and nights out with our group of friends. I feel super lucky to be a 64Facets Ambassador as it means I have beautiful, classic jewellery to wear, wherever I’m heading. 


 What do you value most in your friends?

Kindness. And the ability to think outside the box. 


How do you create elegance in all different scenarios in your life?

Sending hand written thank you notes is super important! Even if you are late sending them, which I often am, following up from a business meeting or dinner party with a hand written note is a little old school in an age of Instagram DMs, but is so much more memorable. 

Elegance can also be in connecting and introducing people who you either think will be able to do great business together, or become great friends. It costs you nothing, and helps build everyone’s network so we can all support each other’s goals. 


What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

There are several excellent business mentors who have taught me a ton.

Amir Dossal, who is a philanthropic and impact leader, taught me to always add value in any meeting you are in, by learning how you can help the other person. And Alicia Syrett is a venture investor who says you can always keep things positive. Anyone can stand on the sidelines and tear down an idea or initiative, but you truly add value when you find all the upside and aim for that. 


What inspires you? 

I’m obsessed with powerful but fun business leaders.
Sara Blakely is a legend. She manages to run an empire, all the while looking glamorous and like she’s having fun.
My Australian business partner Emma Perera is a star. We have an online holistic platform called Kahli together, and she somehow is both unreal as an entrepreneur, and as a hostess who has a gift for making everyone feel special.
That’s what I find most elegant and inspiring. The 64Facets Scallop Ring is pretty inspiring too! It’s next on my list of must haves, as a way to celebrate reaching new business goals. 

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