How to style... the Elements Necklace

How to style... the Elements Necklace


As we welcome a new season, winter, our journey in finding the ideal garments to keep us warm commences. We search for the most fitting pieces of clothing that will accompany us throughout the colder days.

Redefine your style and express yourself in a new way by adding a touch of colour and light to your look. Diamond and gemstone jewelry can be the most appropriate accessories.

With endless styling combinations, our Elements bead necklace revitalizes your look, and can be remodelled to suit your mood. Minimalist and elegant, this delicate piece will complement your personal style.


Elements Bead Necklace with Emerald Cabochon Beads by 64Facets     


We’ve listed a few ways in which the Elements Bead Necklace can be styled both day and night...


Styling 1: Choker

An elegant and modern look that is in tune  with  the newest trends. Our elements bead necklace can be worn as a choker, to accentuate your collarbone and smile. A versatile piece worn by day in the office with a boatneck top or at a dinner party with a silk dress. This look can easily be achieved by wrapping the necklace around your neck. A simple way to add a beautiful glow to your skin  and outfit.  


Style 2: Lariat Style Necklace

Add a fashionable twist to your look with the perfect  centrepiece. Create this style by locking the diamond clasp to the first mini jump ring that appears on the  chain and adjust the necklace to fit your desired length. Worn with a deep v or low-cut top, sweater or cardigan this style is designed to make you feel  radiant, and with your plunging neckline, it provides   the illusion of an elongated figure and a decorated décolletage.


Style 3: Lariat Scarf Necklace

Create a new easy to wear style, in just a few minutes. Simplicity meets sophistication with this look. Take the emerald bead necklace, wrap it around your neck and  grasp the first mini jump ring. To achieve this look, use our additional small pave clasp, to lock the added piece and the mini jump ring together. Let the gemstones fall down your upper body and embrace this statement style. To create this well-balanced formula, we suggest pairing this look with a blazer and a buttonless shirt. 


Style 4: Simple Double Chain

For women on the go, this gemstone chain embodies  casual elegance. Catching the light on the cold winter days this accentuates the iridescent colour of the emeralds. This chain can be styled and matched with a relaxed outfit or can be paired with a satin blouse during a Sunday brunch with family and friends. We suggest styling your hair in a refined up-do or a chignon bun to make you feel poised, confident and radiant.


Style 5: Long Layer Chain 

Maximize your look by having fun. Play around with the necklace to create the illusion of having beautifully curated layered gemstone and diamond necklaces in different lengths. To achieve this look, wrap the necklace around your neck and style the chain with a  creamy white or black turtleneck sweater and select your favourite gemstone colour to achieve a decorative  canvas effect.


Clearly, our elements bead necklace can be styled in a variety of different ways, to complement your personal style. Let the brilliant energy of these gemstones empower you. Think about the diverse ways you can create a new look every day that will inspire you. These pieces are appropriate for any event and occasion day and night, allowing you to reveal every facet of your true self.  

Discover what works for you and shop this look here 


Elements Emerald Cabochon Bead and Rose Cut Diamond Necklace by 64Facets

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