A note from our founder

Gourav Soni founder of 64Facets Fine Diamond Jewelry brand

"I grew up in a family of jewelers. My last name, Soni, means Goldsmith in Hindi. At the time I formally joined my family business in India in 2007, we were making fine jewelry for other brands and designers. We had no connection with the people who ultimately adorned our craft. I wanted to bridge that gap. That dream was realized in October of 2016 when we launched 64facets in the USA, opened our first showcase at the Neiman Marcus store in Chicago, and launched our online store in 2018.

I am overwhelmed with all the love that customers have shown for our jewelry. All the credit belongs to our team of diamantaires and jewelers, some of whom have worked with us for generations. It is their unmatched skill and creativity that transform rough diamonds and gold bars into objects of beauty and wonder."

Soni family business 64facets fine jewelry and diamonds

Gourav featured with his wife, Medha, his brother and his wife Lalit and Suman, and his sister Neeru. 

"Just like a diamond, each of us is a unique, multifaceted individual. We use tools to express that individuality, and fine jewelry is one such tool. 64Facets jewelry is created with that idea at the center. Our customer wears her jewelry everyday, everywhere, instead of locking it away. We create timeless, delicate and versatile jewelry that helps enable free expression of her true self.

We are also cognisant of our responsibility towards the environment and society. We carefully source our diamonds and gemstones from ethical mining partners. Every step of the creative process from here on is done in house. Our vertically integrated supply chain and commitment to fair wages ensure that we uphold the standards of fair business practices that our customers should expect of us.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any feedback or questions you may have.


Gourav Soni" 

Gourav Soni (founder of 64Facets Fine Jewelry) with Delphine Braas (head of marketing)

Gourav with 64Facets Head of Marketing Delphine.