About Us



From one generation to the next, the Soni family and its team of craftsmen have perfected the art of diamond cutting. With a surname that literally means goldsmith, and multiple generations of expertise, they have gained a trusted name in the industry, especially for their rose cut and old European cut diamonds.

Until recently, the family specialized in the sales of unmounted diamonds to leading jewelry designers across the globe. Witnessing the immense opportunity for rose-cut diamond jewelry, they decided to launch their first consumer-facing branded line to provide women with high quality, stylish and fairly priced diamond jewelry.

By using cutting edge technologies, innovative techniques and materials, 64Facets launched their first line of rose-cut and pavé diamond jewelry in 2016.





Every 64Facets piece is light, delicate and feminine. It is designed to be worn at any occasion --from the office, to dinner, to a black tie gala.

We only use the highest quality diamonds and our rose-cuts are cut in such a way that the brilliance of the diamond is found within. This subtle beauty allows you to style the pieces multiple ways. 

Our jewelry is an extension of oneself. Comfort is a priority, as we strive to suit modern and active lifestyles and provide you with beautiful pieces for everyday use.


Vertically Integrated 

Our vertically integrated supply chain means that everything, from cutting the rough diamonds to crafting the jewelry, is done in-house allowing for:
  • A transparent supply-chain with all natural, sustainably sourced diamonds;
  • Tight quality control resulting in only the highest quality diamonds and jewelry;
  • Competitive and transparent pricing; 

We believe our customers should not have to choose between high quality and price.



Every 64Facets piece has its own story. It begins with uncompromising quality of each and every diamond and gemstone. Inspecting each by hand, the finest diamonds are sourced in the rough, always from responsible trade partners.

A team of seasoned diamantaires individually cuts and polishes each diamond, which is then put into the hands of talented craftsmen.

Since each diamond is hand cut, every piece is truly unique and the result of a highly creative and artisanal process. 64facets has a distinctive way of cutting both the rose as well as the old European cut diamonds --with lower depth and a greater surface area allowing for the optimal facet arrangement. Our diamonds interact with light in a way that allows you to truly appreciate the individual beauty of each stone.



At 64Facets we only work with with responsible trade partners and all our diamonds are conflict-free.  

We insist on only the highest ethical, social and environmental standards from our partners so that you don’t have to choose between looking good and feeling good about your jewelry.



The name 64Facets has its roots in Indian mythology. It is widely believed that there are 64 arts and sciences that humans can master. Further, one of the Indian Gods, Lord Krishna, is believed to have mastered all 64 arts and sciences in 64 days. Each of these lend a new facet to a human's personality.

Hence, the term '64 facets' is used in reference to the pursuit of perfection and the pursuit of being one with the almighty. It is also used in reference to the idea of trying to be better at what one does. Since we truly believe in and follow this ethos, we coined our brand - 64Facets.