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At 64Facets we specialize in subtle yet luxurious rose-cut diamond jewelry. 

Discover each step in our jewelry-making process, from sourcing the rough diamonds, designing, creating, and finally styling our fine diamond and gemstone pieces.

Diamond Sourcing

Our diamonds start their journey in mines in South Africa and are then transported to a trading center in Antwerp, Belgium where they are valued and sold to authorized buyers.  We then source the roughs directly from carefully vetted, ethical partners, thus keeping our supply chain as short as possible. This allows us to not only guarantee sustainable sourcing but also price our fine jewelry competitively. 

The team of experts at 64Facets carefully select only the most exquisite and unique rough diamonds to be sent to our atelier in Jaipur, India to be assessed, cut, and polished.

Cutting & Faceting

The rose-cut is 64Facets’ signature diamond and gemstone cut. Unique, delicate, and subtle, rose-cuts glow radiantly from within, revealing the soul of each and every gemstone. Every single rose-cut diamond is different because our expert diamantaires optimize facet arrangements based on the original shape of each rough gemstone. It can take several days to cut just one diamond as each diamond is hand-cut in its own unique way.

Find out more about how the talented craftsmen at 64Facets perform this intricate process with great care and partisanship. 

Design and Creation

At 64Facets, we allow creativity to flow in two directions. Because we hand-cut our diamonds ourselves, this allows our craftsmen to think about designs by taking inspiration from the diamond or alternatively choosing to cut a diamond to suit an idea. ​There is no limit to creativity flow as we encourage our craftsmen to embark on their own journey of creativity. 

From the brainstorm, to the digital render to setting the diamonds, we are dedicated to designing fine jewelry that celebrates the beauty and facets of each gemstone and are committed to bringing these ideas to life. 

Assessing Diamonds

The 4'Cs are the standard of assessing the quality of diamonds. The combination of Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carats determines the value of a diamond, not one single factor. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) created these factors to help customers assess the relative value of each diamond. All diamonds certified by the GIA receive a thorough and comprehensive report outlining where the diamond lies on the scale for each factor. Each diamond has its own unique features so it is important to be familiarized with the 4’Cs before making your purchase. 

Styling The Jewelry

At 64Facets, we want women to wear our jewelry effortlessly and confidently as they navigate their day, knowing that our pieces are appropriate and add flair to any situation. Whether working at home, celebrating special occasions, or reading the news, our diamond jewelry fits any setting with ease and elegance. There are endless possibilities when styling our beautiful diamond pieces and we update our blog regularly with Styling Tips and Trends so you can add your own touch to style any outfit or environment.