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Subtle Luxury.

Introducing… The World Of 64Facets. A journey of self expression.

Our mission. To create unique & light rose-cut fine jewelry for the modern woman that empower her to celebrate every facet of her true self.

64Facets jewelry does not define her. It gives her the freedom to be herself and express her individuality.

Discover the jewelry. Reveal your facets.


    Our signature cut. Unique, hand cut, radiant.

The rose-cut reveals the soul of the diamond.

Sitting close to the skin, these diamonds glow delicately from within, revealing the versatile aesthetic that defines 64Facets jewelry.

Much like the diamonds themselves, each piece is subtle, light and delicate. Designs that fit into the daily life of the modern woman empowering her to unveil her true self.


Ethically created fine jewelry. Express yourself and empower others.

Unique and handmade, our pieces begin with conflict-free rough diamonds carefully sourced from ethical partners, then artistically cut to maintain the original beauty of each gemstone.

64Facets’ vertically integrated supply chain and commitment to fair wages ensures that every step of the creative process is shaped by our dedicated team, crafting high quality and sustainable designs.

Discover the subtle luxury of 64Facets with unique pieces that make a difference.


    64 Facets embodies the marriage of a past rich in history and diamond knowledge, and the present of creating subtle luxury pieces.

Delicate, light, modern. The multifaceted woman and her unique individuality is the inspiration for every 64Facets piece.

Carefully selected and hand cut based on optimal facet arrangement, no two diamonds are the same. Our multigenerational team of seasoned diamantaires and craftsmen create unique pieces, allowing the woman who wears them to express herself through our handcrafted designs.

64Facets cultivates creativity, encouraging our team to embark on their own journey to create distinctive pieces inspired by the raw beauty of the diamonds or designs that embody the elegance and spirit of the women who wear our jewelry.


Our signature cut. Unique, hand cut, radiant.